MLS Magnetic Laundry System Wholesale Distributor Opportunity

If you have a distribution channel that sells consumer products via the internet, television, radio, retail or other marketing medium, and are looking for a new and cutting edge product to sell, we would like to hear from you. We are seeking new distributors nationally and internationally for marketing the patented and independently proven Life Miracle Laundry System.

This product presents tremendous market value and appeal, and will generate a vast new profit center for your company. We are very customer driven and easy to work with, offer excellent profit margins and are completely committed to the success of our distributors. Call or email us today and tell us about yourself and your business and your planned method(s) of marketing. We will respond to you and show you how to get involved.

A brief background of the Laundry System:

MLS Laundry System:

The laundry detergent industry is a $21 Billion dollar per year business. It is considered a necessity like the food and clothing industries. To make a million dollar a year business out of the MLS Laundry System for your organization, you would only have to do One-Twenty One Thousandth (that's 1/21,000) of the business the detergent companies do in one year. It is a huge industry with almost unheard of room for growth. The Laundry System is also unique to market because the target audience is unusually large. Literally EVERY household does some sort of laundry cleaning, therefore EVERY household in the United States and internationally is your target audience. It is very rare to find a product with that kind of mass market appeal and potential.

If you are a serious distributor, we want to hear from you. Call us Toll-Free 1-888-271-5433 or email us now for more information.