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More Laundry System Testimonials:

"Could not believe my eyes." F.F. West Chester, PA

"My husband loves the fact that he uses them with no detergent and his clothes come out clean and with no smell. A hunter's dream come true!" S.C. Lubbock, TX

"...the word "miracle" is appropriate since the results were startling. Not only a successful wash with no detergent for the first time in my life but (did I imagine this?) I thought the results were cleaner than usual!...I have been rapturous in promoting your product to everyone I know. They are remarkable and very strongly appeal to my ecological nature."" K.H. Bristol, UK

"Washed sheets and towels. Came out clean and smelled fresh." S.L. Tacoma, WA

"Excellent." K.J. Markham ON, Canada

"We love the laundry balls! They clean beautifully and our laundry smells so fresh! We're delighted not to purchase/use detergent!" G.S. Windsor, SC

"This is great! No static when clothes came out of the dryer." D.T. Havre de Grace, MD

"I washed 2 large loads of sheets...GOOD RESULTS. No different than when I used detergents and detergent boosters." H.R. Ontario, Canada

"Did very good work on laundry." W.W. Denison, TX

"Washed blanket on which a dog had urinated. Came out beautifully clean and smelled great." K.L. Fircrest, WA

"Fabulous." T.C. Waukegan, IL

"Very nice so far very soft clothes! No scent, yeah!" N.S. & K.A. Montreal QC, Canada

"Amazing! Excellent product!." K.B. Milton ON, Canada

"OUTSTANDING!" J.A. Chandler, AZ

"They really work--makes laundry fun." K.C. West Boylston, MA

"Worked very well. At least as well as detergent." J.H. Toronto ON, Canada

"Very impressed! Thank you! Fantastic!." C.L. & P.I. Wolfville NS, Canada

"Awesome." D.C. Roanoke, TX

"I'm cleaning soiled diapers & this works just as good as the environmentally friendly versions of detergent. It's nice not to have to worry about baby's skin.." M.L. Hanceville, AL

"I didn't use soap or fabric softener and my clothes were clean and soft after the wash." S.Y. Grimsby ON, Canada

"Clothes softer, no detergent residue smell. Clean." D.F. Toronto ON, Canada

"Very easy to use, regular loads clean, soft feeling." K.S. Toronto ON, Canada


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The Magnetic Laundry System was developed for the purpose of making lives easier from the home laundry detergent user to the independent laundry services provider. Frequently identified as laundry balls, this product is much more than that. It was developed with a goal in mind of helping to save the environment, and benefit people potentially suffering from laundry detergent related chemical sensitivities.  The magnetic laundry system may also be an accurate fit for customers seeking a wash ball as well as a washing ball or eco balls, ecoball, laundry ball and even laundry magnets should also find our product to be an excellent fit for what they were searching for.

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